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In Development

Face Masks

Keep an eye out for a range of 4 face masks, Oily break-out skin, Oily to Normal skin, Dry skin and Mature Skin. These will all be powders that you mix with water and then apply.

Cheers Gavin

Essential Oil Candles

As I said with the Bath Salts, have your own down time to re-charge is great combine this with Bath Salts and now Essential Oil Candles. Well the experience just goes to another level. Keep an eye out for these are they're nearly ready 

Cheers Gavin

Room Diffusers

This just seemed a natural step to take, as we have so many amazing blends of Essential Oils that not only bring benefits, but smell amazing as well. We need to slim down this range but they will be launched very soon

Cheers Gavin

Salt Body Scrubs

Really excited to announce that we have just started the development process for Salt Body scrubs 

Solid Cologne and Perfume

We are experimenting with creating Solid Cologne and Perfume Bars. These will be travel friendly and work by wiping your finger on the bar and then applying it. 

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