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Soft Scoop Wax Melts

Lavandi's Soft Scoop Wax Melts are Zero Plastic, Zero Paraffin and made from the best quality organic Waxes and Oils.

Each Soft Scoop Wax Melt has either an aroma from Lavandi's 'Originals' or from the 'Inspired By' range

Each tin contains 110gs of highly scented wax.

Soft Scoop Wax Melts
8 results
Wax Melt L863 inspired by Chanel Egoiste Platinum
Wax Melt L793 inspired by Creed Viking
Wax Melt L225 inspired by Hugo Boss - Boss Bottled Night
Wax Melt L216 inspired by Tom Ford Black Orchid
Wax Melt L067 inspired by Paco Rabanne Million
Wax Melt L145 inspired by Tom Ford Noir Extreme
Wax Melt L051inspired by Acqua Di Parma Essenza
Wax Melt L001 inspired by Creed Aventus
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