Solid Perfume or Spray Perfume?

Solid Perfume: Is it Really Better than Spray Perfume? 

Solid perfumes are becoming more popular of late, and with good reason. Lavandi has been making solid perfume for several years, so we are pleased to see it becoming widely accepted. This is a good indicator that people are more interested in sustainability, and healthier options in general.

Buying solid perfume might feel a little strange at first, if you are used to spray on perfume. However, in our opinion, solid fragrance is not just a viable alternative, but a superior option... and in many ways.

What is solid perfume? How is solid perfume different to spray perfumes? If you’re new to using solid fragrances, you may have similar questions. We will answer some of the most pertinent questions about solid perfume in this blog.

What is the difference between solid perfume and spray perfume?

Solid perfume or scent is made as a kind of balm rather than a liquid, and can be carried around in a small container or tube. Solid perfume is made without alcohol, which is a big bonus, and if made by companies that have health in mind, without the myriad chemicals present in most spray perfumes. 

What are solid perfumes and colognes made from?

We can’t speak for other companies, except to say that typically, soft balm-like products will be used to hold and distribute the fragrance on your skin. Lavandi solid perfumes are made from natural ingredients such as shea butter, rapeseed wax and almond oil. These are all good for the skin, and when combined with essential oils, they make for a beautiful perfume product.

Below we have summarised the main benefits of solid perfume:

1. Solid fragrances are better for the skin

Alcohol is put in spray perfume because it aids in the evaporation process when a fragrance is sprayed, which means it can dry quickly. This isn’t really a good thing for your skin, since alcohol is very drying and can be irritating. Solid fragrances don’t need alcohol because the fragrance is encased in a balm, which will dry naturally and easily on your skin.

Furthermore, spray perfumes contain so many chemicals, and most are not listed on the packet. Even if they were, the names are hard to decipher at the best of times. Solid fragrances are often simpler and chemical-free, so there shouldn’t be many hidden nasties absorbed through your skin. However, you should always check the label! We can only speak for Lavandi, of course.

2. Solid perfumes create less waste

This is a big one for Lavandi, as we have a zero-waste policy. It makes sense that we would want to create zero-waste perfume!

Spray perfumes often waste a lot of product. When you spray them, a lot gets lost in the atmosphere - it doesn’t all land on the skin. In some ways this is a good thing, considering the chemical content! However, from a wastage point of view it isn’t great. Solid perfumes and colognes land exactly where you intend them to, as you’re simply applying them directly to the skin.

Solid fragrances are anhydrous, which means they don’t contain water. The lack of water means your little pot of scent is more concentrated and so will last a lot longer. If packaging has been taken into consideration, you might be able to purchase refills, although these are more difficult to make with sustainable packaging because of the consistency of the product it houses. However, a good company will make the packaging reusable or recyclable.

3. Solid perfumes are convenient

Due to the compact nature of the product, its packaging should easily fit inside a small handbag or pocket. They are travel-friendly, so you can take them through customs at airports without having to meet any “100ml only” rules, or worrying about glass bottles breaking or leaking in your luggage.

In terms of application, it’s a case of popping the lid open and dabbing a little on the skin. It couldn’t be any simpler.

4. Solid colognes and perfumes are inoffensive

This might sound like a strange point, but actually, have you ever breathed in someone else’s spray perfume when they applied it nearby? Or covered themselves in far too much of it, so that it permeates the local atmosphere? Even when the scent is pleasant, such volume can be quite unpleasant. Needless to say, applying solid perfume doesn’t cause this problem.

5. Solid fragrances are immediately 'true to scent'

Sometimes when you smell a spray perfume, it has to settle before you get the ‘true’ scent, because of the alcohol and other chemicals. It can also be quite strong and overbearing initially. With solid perfumes, you can simply smell the balm and it gives off the scent as it actually is. 

Provided the right ratio of fragrance has been included, this will have none of the harshness of spray perfume, and you’ll have a good idea what your fragrance is actually going to smell like.

We know that some of the most appealing fragrances on the market come in spray form, and that they are often seriously expensive! That’s why we developed our range of inspired perfumes, which smell exactly the same as the world's leading perfumes, but without all the unhealthy additives - or the hefty price tags!

Check out our inspired range to find your ideal scent, and watch this space for some of the newest and most popular perfumes this year – they’re currently in our lab being developed, and they’ll be on our shelves soon. Don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter (at the bottom of this page) to be kept updated.

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